The advantages offered by a2e and the DP3 device, are numerous. A2e shows its main virtues in the following video

A2E - DP3 device


DP3 device cable coil carrier

EASE Because it handles the cable coils we are going to use, in a grouped and sorted way.

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About us

A2e is the brand used by Alianza 2 Emprendedores, S.L.

Activity of the bussiness The investigation and development of patents and utility models, its subsequent manufacture and exploitation of industrial property rights, the sale and distribution of products resulting from the application of the same.

Misssion The mission of a2e is the complete development of innovative products for large groups of customers that will resolve their needs significantly better than existing products.

Vision A2e's vision is to become a developer of innovative products. After the development of each product they test the business model in order to put the product on the market as quickly as possible via new spin-offs. All this for the satisfaction of the customer and the shareholders who participate in each new initiative.

Values The characteristics that a2e wants for the people and the actions that constitute the company are:

  • - Creativity: Think about new ways to resolve the needs and desires of your clients.
  • - Innovation: Make into reality what you imagine.
  • - Awareness: Materialize integral solutions without compromising future generations.
  • - Entrepreneurial: Accept projects that provide real challenges and carry them out with responsablity and quality.
  • - Ability to learn: Develope knowledge to reach their objectives.
  • - Dynamic: Adapt the business model to suit the changes in the sourrounding enviroment.



New challenges, new solutions.

Do you have an idea that you want to make a reality? Come talk with us, together we can make it happen!

Would you like to invest in a young and dynamic team? We are professionals who are enthusiastic and passionate about our work. We believe that the future depends only us and that we are the ones capable of overcoming the future, because we have the passion and enthusiasm needed to do it.

Our products are exclusive and have international patent, that is why we can state that we don't have competition.

We offer you our know-how, and together we can achieve great things.

The market is made for entrepreneurs.

If you want different results do not do the same things. “Albert Einstein”

Bet on yourself!


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