cable coil carrier


What is DP3

DP3 is a Cable Coil Carrier that helps you handle the cable coils in a grouped and sorted way. It is very simple to use and manage, and lets you combine multiple DP3 carriers offering endless configuration possibilities.

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Become more efficient

Let DP3 help you improve your working quality. You will need to make less effort for the same action, as the cable will be prevented from creating loops and hence the friction will decrease. It will also enhace your installation's quality due to the voltage drop and power factor improvement, and much more:

  • Easy to use
  • Time saving
  • Versatile
  • Economic
  • Material saving
  • High quality installation

Don't wait to see by yourself all the advantages DP3 brings you!

Its features

The DP3 is fully designed and manufactured in Europe. Learn about all its features:

Multiple configurations

Thanks to its versatile design, you can combine the DP3 and obtain endless configurations. Discover the one that meets your needs:

Saves material

The design of the DP3 allows you to save material from the first use, as it keeps and extends the cables in an optimal way. Check out how much material you could save:

Material saved for every 1m

Cable Diameter Saved Material
1.5 mm2 1.0 %
2.5 mm2 1.6 %
4 mm2 2.7 %
6 mm2 3.9 %

Easy to transport and manage

The DP3 comes with a set of wheels, so that you can easily transport all your cables with less effort:

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